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"I am so grateful to be engaged in a process of learning that challenges me."

Michelle F.

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I assume that you are someone who is deeply interested and personal growth and healing. I assume that you are curious about the human experience, whether that be your own or somebody else's. I'm guessing that you are somebody who asks the deeper questions; who seeks to create meaning in life and is living from a wholehearted place. You believe that people are inherently good, and that we are all capable of doing good and wonderful things in the world. Perhaps, like me, you see people as having unlimited potential and capacity, and that when you see others stuck in limiting patterns of thinking and behavior, you feel compelled to help. My bet is that people are drawn to you and seek you out as a source of support, wisdom, and advice. People see you as having, within you, something that they wish they could have within themselves.

Moving Through is for you! I want to equip you with a framework from which to conceptualize human behavior in order to better understand why it is that we do what we do. I want you to be able to identify what is operating within those that you help that is keeping them limited, keeping them in fear and doubt, and keeping them stuck in limiting patterns of behavior. I want to give you the tools that you need to support them in moving through the issues that are present instead of just coping with them or working around them. I want you to be able to approach suffering, within your self and others, with a sense of curiosity, competency, and compassion, and know that you have the necessary tools to resolve it.


2020 offering TBD

Moving Through Certification Course

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