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Jola Czaicka-Kotlarczyk 

Would you like to improve the relationships in your life? Are you ashamed or embarrassed about your body? Are you seeking relief from specific symptoms? I would like to help you. Through a therapeutic relationship, I will create a safe and confidential space for you to begin your exploration into healing.   


As a counseling intern I can provide relational and individual therapy for couples, families and individuals. My therapy orientation is narrative, solution focused, rooted in feminism and Body Trust © informed. With my past experience working in Crisis and Suicide Prevention, I am not afraid to listen to complex and painful stories. 


I hope to work with you if you want to feel relief from pain, body shame, improve self-expression, and relationships. I welcome clients from all backgrounds and do not impose my values on them. 


FAQ's about Jola

Is Jola a licensed therapist?

She is a counseling intern. Counseling interns are students who are completing their necessary hours of clinical experience in their graduate school program. Jola is a Couple and Family Therapy Counseling student at Antioch University and has fully completed her academic curriculum. She is also supervised by several counseling professionals. She will be consulting with them regarding her client’s care and treatment. She also has two years of experience as a phone specialist at the Seattle Crisis Clinic.

What are Jola’s fees?

Jola’s counseling fee is $65 per 50 minute session. Clients will receive counseling every week until it is determined that a reduction in frequency is indicated in the treatment.

If I can’t afford the fees, what other options are there?

Jola offers several sliding scale slots in her schedule at $45 per session, and she may be able to offer a lower fee if needed. If this is something you need, please let her know. Additionally, Jola provides a 25% discount to clients who identify as BIPOC and trans.

What kinds of issues can Jola address in counseling?

Jola has a special interest in working with:

  • Clients who are healing their relationships with food and with their bodies using a Body Trust approach (which includes Health at Every Size, Intuitive Eating, feminist, social justice, and compassion based approaches)

  • Eating disorders and body dysmorphia

  • Clients who are immigrants (Jola is originally from Poland)

  • Clients affected by depression and anxiety

  • Clients who are pet owners and experience illness or loss of their pets

  • Working from a sex-positivity stance with couples and individuals and who experience difficulties with intimacy and sex

  • Female identified people in life transitions

What forms of payment are accepted?

All major credit cards are accepted. Jola cannot accept cash or checks at this time.

How is Amber Rice involved in my counseling?
Amber Rice is Jola’s clinical supervisor, along with the clinical supervisors at Antioch University. Amber will be consulting with Jola each week about her clients to provide ongoing education and feedback.

How long will I be in counseling with Jola?
Every client is different and they access therapy for varying lengths of time.. However, you should expect to be in counseling for a minimum of 2-3 months. When Jola completes her graduate program, she may need to discontinue care after graduation. She will be making each client aware of this once her graduation date is known.

What are the next steps?

Email us so we can schedule a free phone consultation to get you started!

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