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Clinical Supervision Retreat
Aug 28, 2021, 9:00 AM PDT
Sultan, WA, USA

"You created a very safe space to connect with other amazing people and that was a very nourishing and hopeful experience."

"This was a powerful and life changing workshop. It turned everything I understood about self-judgment upside down."



Facing Self-Judgment is a 2 day intensive workshop experience designed to equip you with practical skills to use to when you find yourself stuck in a self judgment pattern. You will be introduced to information, experiences, and processes that will support you in approaching self judgment in a whole new way. Instead of ignoring your pain or attacking your inner critic, you will learn to adopt a more curious and relational approach that is needed for self compassion to develop. 

Not one of us is immune to self-judgment. Despite the affirmations, the positive self talk, the therapy, and the attempts at restructuring our thoughts, we may still experience the harsh effects of our inner critic. Shaming yourself into good behavior is not sustainable and it does not serve you in the long run. What we need, instead, is a new way of thinking about personal failure, suffering, and imperfection that promotes understanding, self kindness, and perspective.

Let's face it. If judging ourselves worked, we would be perfect by now.