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HAES/IE Consultation and Support Group for Clinicians

Because we need each other to do this work.

This is a 10 week consultation and support group for clinicians (licensed, pre-licensed, or student) who practice from a Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating lens. It will be facilitated by Amber Rice, LMFT, who is an AAMFT Approved Clinical Supervisor, Certified Body Trust Provider in training (through Be Nourished) and who has 20+ years of clinical experience.  


This group is designed to:
1) Expand our skill sets in supporting our clients as they move toward a more peaceful relationship with food and their bodies.
2) Provide a brave space for us to explore and address what is coming forward to process and heal in our own lives as we work with our clients (our countertransference).
3) Provide and receive suggestions and feedback on how to address cases where you feel stuck, confused, or overwhelmed.
4) Be nurtured by a community of clinicians who are doing the important work of divesting from diet culture, colonialism, patriarchy, and white supremacy.

Each week will be centered around a theme (internalized fatphobia, shame resilience, healthism, weight science, etc.) and participants will receive an email with an article or video to view. This will allow for us to comprehensively engage with many facets of HAES, and will provide a flexible structure for us to explore how our clients (and ourselves!) are impacted.


Here are the details:
-10 sessions
-Begins April 6, 2020 and ends August 3, 2020
-Every other Monday evening, 6:30pm - 8:00pm PST
-Group caps at 8 participants to preserve group cohesion
-25$ per session ($250 total fee) OR purchase all 10 sessions for $210 ($35 discount)

Please contact Amber if you would like to pay per session.

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