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Embracing Countertransference


Leaning In: Embracing Countertransference


Too frequently, countertransference shows up in our therapeutic relationships with our clients and we feel stuck.  We may avoid a certain client, feel protective of a client, be intimidated by a client, or have harsh judgments about a client. Our clinical education may not have prepared us with how to use countertransference in a productive way.  Instead of recognizing and engaging with our countertransference , we often stuff these uncomfortable feelings safely away. In doing so, we miss out on incredible opportunities to resolve an issue in our own consciousness,  to deepen in our therapeutic relationship with our clients, and to lead our clients toward healing. Further, we may do harm that comes from the collusion with, distancing from, or judgment of our clients.

This workshop will give you the tools to work your own process when you experience countertransference showing up in your sessions with your clients. In this workshop you will have the opportunity to:

  • Begin to reframe countertransference as an opportunity for healing and growth

  • Learn to identify and own your countertransference with curiosity and enthusiasm

  • Develop the tools to engage in self-counseling toward issue resolution

  • Experience freedom from limiting patterns of relating

  • Experience a deeper level of competence in staying present and engaged with your clients

  • Create supportive and nurturing relationships with other area clinicians who are leaning into countertransference


"Best training I've ever been to."

- Sarah, MFT

"Wow. Every therapist needs this workshop." -Ashley, MFT

"It feels so good to finally have some tools to use when my countertransference is operating. Thankyou!" - Robin, MFT


Interested in hosting a Leaning In workshop in your area? Could your business, agency, school, or team use this process group experience? Contact us to learn more about how to bring Leaning In to your area.

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